Dog with natural rubber treat dispensing made in the USA dog toy
Dog playing with treat dispensing dog toy. Dog toy is safe natural rubber and floats.
Pug playing with natural rubber dog toy. Treat dispensing and floats
Treat Dispensing Hydrant Dog Toy
Treat Dispensing Hydrant Dog Toy

Treat Dispensing Hydrant Dog Toy

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You shouldn't have to support companies that make throw-away products, using unfair labor standards, to get products for your pet. When you buy from us, you can trust in our quality materials and fair labor practices. These are the very same natural-rubber toys that our pets play with!

The Magical Mystery Treat-Dispensing Hydrant Toy is perfect for long-lasting, treat-filled fun. It’s also made in Erie, PA, with superior Durafloat™ technology (it floats and is made from safe natural rubber!).

This toy was specifically designed to work with our homemade simple ingredient treats!

Look for one-of-a-kind color variations, so you can show off your unique flair! We never make the same color patterns twice. Right-on! This toy is best suited for moderate chewers’ playtime and/or dogs less than 45 lbs. Power chewers should try our Groove Ball.