What makes the best dog toy?

It is incredibly important to make sure the dog toys you give to your best friend are safe and made well. All of our dog toys are made from a select list of ultra safe and high quality ingredients. These ingredients come from Ohio. We own the manufacturing facility and make our natural rubber dog toys ourselves in Erie, PA. Even our packaging is made in Erie, PA. We could outsource parts of this process to save money. Instead, we make sure every part of our process happens in the U.S. where we have control to make sure that only the safest, highest quality products have our name on them. 


My pug is 11 years old and plays with our hydrant toy. We only feed high quality raw food and give her the healthiest treats (check out our Paws in the Sand homemade treats). We wanted to make sure that we had toys that were up to the standard we demand for our pets so we made our own. When you buy our toys you can be confident that they are produced by someone who cares about your dog as much as they do their own. When you buy toys made elsewhere, you don't know what you are getting.


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